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1992 Acura Integra GS-R
Seller Information Stock
Private Party
Name: Adam Breznicky
City: Hampstead State: Maryland
Phone: 410-241-8409
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Engine: b17a, 4 cylinder dual overhead cam 1.7L VTEC
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Black Cloth
Exterior: Lamborghini Diablo Pearl Orange
Odometer: 185,000 miles
Overall Condition: Excellent

Additional Equipment
Normal Top
Tilt Steering
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Compact Disc
CD Changer/Stacker
Premium Sound
Alloy Wheels
Dual Air Bags
Power Seats
Rear Spoiler
Premium Wheels
Suspension Pkg
Traction Control
Integrated Phone
Navigation System
Memory Package
Luggage Rack

Price / Availablility

$6500   - Convert to other currency
This Import is Available
Estimated Montly Payment: (If you were to get a loan)
*Monthly Payment Based on $0 down, 6% interest for 5 years

CarFax Report - Click VIN Number For a Free VIN Check
VIN Number: JH4DB2385NS002572
*** Click here to order a Carfax Report on this Vehicle ***

You now are looking at a beautiful RARE 1992 Acura Integra GS-R. This is a half year car, very rare. Half way through 1992 Acura put out the first ever GS-R model for their integras. In the car they put a b17a engine that pushed extra horses than the normal b16a that most of their twin cam cars were. This engine was only put in 92-93 gs-r's and limited in production. Naturally when i turned 16 i was super pumped to get into the import car world and modify my own car. I started with a CRX but always dreamed of a sleek twin cam integra. I randomly came across this rare 92 from a guy my father knew and instantly fell in love with it. It was originally red with 157051 miles on it. The man who previously owned it had taken care of the car but it needed quite a few mechanical fixes. My love for the car forced me into purchasing it. Right off the back i repaired all mechanical failures at that time with the help of my father. He worked as a mechanic for honda for almost 30 years until just recently and now runs a automotive restoration shop building hot rods and muscle cars. With his help everything on the car was done right in a professional manner. All these parts are basically brand new yet on the car:
timing belt, clutch, windshield spray bottle, CV Boots, all belts, 3 out of 4 motor mounts had to be replaced, water pump, clutch pressure plate, throw out bearing, shift rod, most bushings, REBUILT MOTOR using factory Acura parts including head gasket, piston rings, connecting rod bearings, oil pump, and all gaskets/seals.
from there i was on the road and king shit of my high school. the car was fun to drive and i certainly got the attention in it. then one day a young female driver optioned to change lanes into the drivers side of the car. from there my imagination went wild and since i had to fix a majority of the car i just rebuilt it modified the way i wanted it. I did the car up in a simple, sleek way. Not all crazy and over the top rediculous like most imports these days with their fiberglass body kits and untasteful modifications. My dad is a master of body work so we did all of it to fix the car back to normal, then we shaved all the emblems on the car and painted it 2001 Lamborghini Diablo Orange Pearl. We painted a design on the side with a green off of a Mercedes Benz. Some people claim that i tried to use colors off of that fast and furious movie but they just jealous of the pimp mobile because they know the colors flow perfect together. Before we painted it i ordered up a Cervinis hood and rear wing so they could be done right also on the car. The paint is perfect except for a few small random chips on the front bumper (due to the car being lowered) and one small chip at the bottom corner of the drivers side door (no one ever even notices this one). Redoing the car we were able to remove all rust and patch everything on the car so the body is in perfect condition. There is only 1 rust spot hte size of a quarter on the trunk where an emblem use to be (see picture below). Other modifications i have done to the car include:
2001 Lamborghini Diablo Pearl Paint, Merecedes paint on design on car, Cervinis hood and rear wing, Eibach Sportline Coilovers (lower car 2inchs) , Koni 5-way adjustable shocks, 17inch Speedy Sirocco Rims, Greddy Exhaust, AEM Cold Air Intake, DC Sports Header, Cross Drilled Rotors, Painted Calipers, Clear corner lights and bumper lights (to get rid of the random yellow up there), mesh grille, window tint.
The interior is in damn perfect condition and is all original. No tares. Just normal wear. The dash is perfect as well (except one tiny crack by the center air vent but thatís also almost impossible to notice). A few tiny interior modifications were made including:
MOMO Racing Steering Wheel, MOMO Shift knob (both wheel and knob were painted to be the same as the car), MOMO Shift boot, MOMO Seat Belt pads (they are in the back seat), White GS-R gauge faces, Pioneer P5200 head unit, MB Quart front Seperates, Rockford Fosgate 501x amp for the speakers, Cobra CB radio with PA speaker hooked up under rear of car (to talk to the ladies as they walk by).
This car now was beyond beautiful. My complete pride and joy, i had been working for years and saving every dollar i could to invest in this car and now i had it. It was quick, beautiful, i got the attention i wanted and i loved the car more than life itself. I went to a few car shows with it. I attended the Harrisburg Carlisle Import Show and recieved 3rd place in the outdoor show as well as 2nd place in the bass competition (i use to have a JL System in her and am not selling with the car, only have the sub left and if youíre interested in that place email me). At this show i was approached by a man from Honda Tuning Magazine and he took a picture of the car and asked me a few questions. A couple months later in the article about the show there was a picture of my car with some information about me and the system and the car. Naturally i was thrown through the roof. Later down the road in time i sent in information about my car to Super Street magazine and was given a spot in their Reader's Rides Section.
Two summers ago i put 4 brand new BF Goodrich G-Force tires on her as well as changed the oil and put her in the garage. She sadly enough has stayed there ever since. I had to leave for college and wanted to leave her behind so he was not to get messed up at all (you know how college goes). She is still sitting there, like brand new. I simply cannot afford to put her on the road (you know how college goes) and am at a point in my life where i must enter the real world and need something more practical (you know how college goes). So i sit here sadly trying to sell this gorgeous girl and pass her off to a new young buck who wants a good looking quick car that handles well and was built to have fun in. The car was the definition of well taken care of for how much I loved her. Washed every 3 days, oil changed every 3000 miles, fixed every little problem, etc.
She is completely redone and like new inside and out. The only faults that she has are:
the ABS light comes on due to a wheel sensor that needs to be replaced (simple fix), the cruise control works but cant be turned on b/c the MOMO steering wheel that was installed doesn't have the cruise control buttons.

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